New!!! NieR Re[in]carnation Mobile Part 2 (JP) ➤ ⓎⓃⓇ

New!!! NieR Re[in]carnation Mobile Part 2 (JP) ➤ ⓎⓃⓇ


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The service will start on February 18
The latest work of the “NieR” series is now available in smartphone apps!

Square Enix and Apribot shipping
Command action RPG for smartphones.
“NieR Re [in] carnation”

■ The name of the story / place was “Cage”.
The girl wakes up on a cold stone floor.
It was a wide area where large buildings were lined up.

Guided by a mysterious creature named “Mother”, the girl started walking on the pavement stones.
To reclaim what I have lost and to make up for my sins.
I don’t even know who did how
Inside the “cage”.

Character details
・ White girl (CV: Rika Nagae)
She found herself lying in a “cage” stone.
I suffer from a nightmare I see every night.
Has a kind and cheerful personality,
What is the reason for the collar and bandage?

・ Mother (CV: Yumi Hara)
A mysterious creature that calls itself “Mother”.
She seems to know something about “the cage.”
He will guide the girl.

・ Black beast (CV: Motoyuki Kawahara)
A mysterious being wandering “in a cage.”
His appearance is like a knight in armor, like a silent bug.
It looks like it has a purpose.

The war progresses with a war of command.
It is also equipped with an automatic mode that attacks enemies automatically.
Even those who are not good at games can easily play.