NieR Re [in] carnation Android Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1

NieR Re [in] carnation Android Gameplay Walkthrough  – Part 1

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The latest work of the “NieR” series is now available on smartphones
apps !!
Command action RPG for smartphones sent by Square Enix and Applibot.
“NieR Re [in] carnation”
■ Story / The name of the place was called “Cage”.
On the cold stone floor, the girl wakes up.
It was a vast space with large buildings lined up.
Guided by a mysterious creature called “Mama,” the girl began walking on the cobblestones.
To regain what I lost, and to atone for my sins. Inside the “cage”
where you don’t even know who made it and how

■ Character details
・ White girl (CV: Rika Nagae)
She noticed that she had fallen on the stone of the “cage”.
I’m suffering from nightmares that I see every night.
She has a gentle and cheerful personality, but
what is the reason for the bandage on her collar?

・ Mama (CV: Yumi Hara)
A mysterious creature that calls itself “Mama”.
He seems to know something about “cage”
and guides the girl.

-Black monster (CV: Motoyuki Kawahara) A
mysterious existence that wanders in the “cage”.
Its appearance is like a knight in armor, like a silent insect.
There seems to be some purpose.

■ Battle
Battle progresses in command battle.
Also equipped with an auto mode that automatically attacks enemies.
Even those who are not good at games can easily play.

Executive Producer: Yosuke Saito
Creative Director: Yoko Otaro
Director: Daichi Matsukawa
Main Character Design: Akihiko Yoshida
Concept Art: Kazuma Koda
Music: Keiichi Okabe (MONACA)

■ Some paid items can be purchased for this game. Additional costs may be incurred when purchasing some paid items.

■ Recommended environment: Android 7 or above